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Form A limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most renowned form of businesses and a good-deal number of businesses are registered as the Limited Liability Company (LLC) around the world. The members of the LLC are considered as the owners. One of the benefits of LLC is the limited liability protection. An LLC is not separately taxed, which means it is enjoys the benefit of ‘pass-through’ taxation. The business is not liable to pay the income tax apart from the members’ personal income tax. There’s more about forming an LLC, click here to find out.

Form A C Corporation

C Corporation (C-Corp) is the most common business structure among large corporations. A large number of companies are registered as the C Corp because this structure provides taxation flexibility to the greatest degree to the business owners. It separates the owners from the business entity in the clearest manner. In a C Corp, the owners can raise the business capital by issuing shares as publicly traded stock. Despite the taxation options, C Corp is not an ideal business structure for many small firms due to the formal requirements. Learn more about C Corp here.

Form A S Corporation

S Corporation (S-Corp) is another widely known business structure which is similar to the C Corp. However, there are some major differences between an S Corp and a C Corp. Top of them is that the owners of an S Corp are eligible for the pass-through taxation. They can avoid double taxation on their business income by filing the IRS-prescribed Form 2553. The owners of an S Corp do not have to pay the income tax separately.

Form A Non-Profit

A Nonprofit Corporation is an exempt entity which operates without the goal of earning profit. The Nonprofit Corporations work with an objective to provide services to the people without expecting any monetary reward for it. Any surplus from the operations is further put in for the benefit of general public instead of distributing it as dividends. A Nonprofit Corporation is provided limited liability protection. Though it does not operate as a typical corporation, a Nonprofit is subject to the State and Federal laws as other corporations.

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