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Why to get your Certificate of Good Standing through Lyte Inc?

Having rich experience in dealing with multiple business structures, our professionals know the right direction to pursue for your certificate.
Guaranteed Authenticity

The Certificate of Good Standing ordered through Lyte Inc is absolutely authentic and guarantees credibility of your business.

Financial Institutions

Our verified Certificate of Good Standing allows you to open account in various institutions without any questions being raised.

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When you need to prove the legitimacy or validity of your business in the courts, the Certificate of Good Standing makes your legal position clear in the courts.

Validation to any Third Party

When selling your business or planning a merger, the Certificate of Good Standing clears all the doubts to the involved party

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Easy going filing with the state, always with the pros! The place to get it all done++. They are great.

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Professional Service

Easy going filing with the state, always with the pros! The place to get it all done++. They are great.

Karissa Verified

Certificate of Good Standing FAQs

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The Certificate of Good Standing is official notification from the government agency that confirms your entity was properly filed and is still in compliance.

Like its outdated hard-copy version, the digital corporate kit will include:

  • your organizational documents
  • your bylaws or operating agreement
  • your resolutions
  • your unissued stock or membership certificates
  • a stock or membership transfer ledger

In our experience, new businesses overpaid for a gold-embossed binder with pre-printed tabs. This binder would end up on a shelf or stuffed in a drawer never to be seen again. With our digital version, you get the same organization, the same documents, but it is available on demand 24/7 from your secure online account.

Yes. There is no law that dictates that you maintain a corporate book. It is just good practice. There is also no requirement that it be kept in hard-copy form in a certain type of binder. In fact, we think the digital version makes more sense and gives you better access and a better chance that you will be able to find it when you need your corporate books.